Be Activated...
Now is the time to live our fullest expression of our Truth in a way that is sustainable, aligned, and in service to something greater than ourselves. In this initial thorough consultation, you will: 
  • Better understand your sensitivities & learn strategies to thrive with them.
  • Understand the Theme of your PURPOSE & see the gifts you bring the world.
  • Have practical strategies to create (or manifest) in a way that is sustainable &  according to your unique makeup.
Understand your place in the world
Whether you want a consult to grow your business, dial in your purpose, or to make sense of a specific relationship (including for life partners, business partnerships or in parenting), or even if you are going through a tough moment, Human Design has a way of tearing down the parts that don't belong with us anymore and activate the TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE.
The way this system in designed, incorporating Eastern & Western Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra System, and Quantum Mechanics allows for a holistic approach to seeing ourselves & our place in the world. What I love most about offering this is that although it has a mystical component, it is very practical and you receive AN ACTIVATION for life.
Your Guide....
Asha D Ramakrishna 
I am obsessed with Human Design. I came to know Human Design twelve years ago when I was struggling being a mother to a very sensitive daughter. Nothing I did seemed to "work" to make her happy. When someone suggested I look into her Human Design,  I understood her sensitivity and the responsibility we had as parents to provide the right environment for her, and ultimate for us all. She is a Reflector (very rare!) and really needed to live in a place where she could decompress... So we moved to the country! Human design changed the way we were in relationship with each other (as a couple) and how we parented each of our daughters.
I trust Human Design beyond parenting; I trust it with knowing myself intimately, my husband , and building a sustainable business. 
As much as I adore the mystical side of Human Design, I also love that it is PRACTICAL. My HD Consultations are very much an activation of your true self , but also I offer practical strategies for your life, relationships, and also for business. 
I have supported Entrepreneurs and people devoted to being of service to the world for over ten years to be able to build sustainable lives and businesses that work for them too!
Here's what I intend with each reading: that you feel seen, validated, and that you feel confident in who you are. I also want you to walk away with specific strategies that help you actualize who you are, in the way you want! It would be my honor & pleasure to serve you by doing a Human Design Consultation.
All session are done via Zoom (instructions when you sign up) audio. We will gather online & you will be able to ask any questions. You will then receive a recording of our session. Can't wait to meet you (and your soul!)
I promise, this consultation will shift your life in a way that is more aligned with your soul...

One very important thing that you need to know about me & our team: we stand for Equity, Sustainability, & Personal and Collective Profitability & Thriving.

The rates you see for every single thing we offer are positioned to also create space in our programs so that Black Indigenous People of Color & others holding marginalized identities can receive Equity spots, in every single program. The value you invest in with us, is not only for you, but has a pay it forward essence. Everything is done in privacy.

*If you are a BIPOC, please email us directly to learn about current programs & opportunities asha @ ashaisnow dot com

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